About the Club

The Waikato Branch of the Ulysses Club of NZ is proud to have Honda Hamilton as their major Sponsor and thankful for their help with and involvement in the club’s activities! hondahamilton.jpg2

How it all began:
The original suggestion for a motorcycle club for over 50’s was put forward in a letter by Stephen Dearnley published in the August 1983 issue of “Bike Australia”.  This drew two significant responses; One from Rob Hall, a reader at Albion Park NSW, who suggested the present name and motto for the club; The other from Peter Thoemig, then the editor of “Bike Australia”, who sketched the logo and offered support from his magazine if Stephen could get the club off the ground.  This was done at an inaugural meeting in Sydney on 6th December, 1983 when the five people present approved a basic constitution and the Ulysses Club was duly formed.From that tenuous beginning it has never looked back and the club now boasts a large and extensive network of members throughout Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.Why the name Ulysses?The name comes from a poem of the same name by Alfred Lord Tennyson. It tells how the great Greek hero Ulysses, now middle aged and securely in charge of his kingdom of Ithaca, is getting bored with things around him and longs to go adventuring again with his shipmates of old. It describes very well indeed the sort of person who still has enough spark to go on riding into middle and later years. Too long to quote here, you will find it in any good poetry anthology, such as the Albatross Book of Verse.How to joinTo join the Waikato Branch of the Ulysses Club of New Zealand you need to contact the Branch Coordinator, (see the contacts page for details).The Branch Coordinator will supply you with a Membership Application form and introduce you to the club.Fill in the form and attend two rides or events over a two month period and return the form for acceptance, to the Branch Coordinator.  The form is then forwarded to the National Administrator for processing.Name badges and bike badges (@ $10.00 each) and other gear is also available through the Coordinator or from the National office.You may apply directly to the National Secretary if you reside in an area with no branch.

To view the Ulysses Club of New Zealand Inc. Official Rule Book of the club, Click Here.



31 Responses to About the Club

  1. David Dilley says:

    Hi i’m keen to join your club i’m already a member of the hog club but it wpuld be good to have some variety.

    • Hi Dave, We’ve got regular riders in Harleys and they manage to have a good time anyway! Just rock up to a scheduled ride and introduce yourself or come to one of our club meetings – also scheduled on the rides list. Regards, Topher.

  2. Rob connor says:

    I am correct in thinking that club night is this coming Monday nite 3march ??
    Will be at toy run tomorrow – have do this event before very good cause!!!
    What’s the annual fee to jion the club.
    I understand you will be very busy tomorrow with toy run so getting back is urgent.
    Many thanks. Rob

    • Hi Rob, Yes, Club night is first Monday of every month. Being the website modrator, not the treasurer I can’t remember the annual fee!. It’s not a game changer though.

  3. Raewin says:

    Hi there, my partner and I are interested in joining your club, and also attending the toy run. Do you also have females in the club…. and learner riders? Cheers R & G

  4. Kevin Davenport says:

    I have been to a couple of your meetings and now wish to join,could you please tell me the joining fee as i understand that if i pay three years in advance there is a substanial discount.

    Kevin D

    • Thanks for your enquiry Kevin. Yes three years is less expensive – there’s no joining “fee” just the annual or three yearly subs. Get a nomoination form from Goose at the next meeting or contact Goose directly (contacts page) to get one.

  5. Gene Gill says:

    Hi, I am keen to join the Ulysses Club and go on the Toy Run coming up on March 6th, I live in Matamata and not sure whether to join the Hamilton group or Tauranga group. I am currently still on a learners and own a Yamaha Virago 250cc. Can you also advise on the joining costs etc.
    I can be contacted on 027 2731641 or email rockingene68@gmail.com

    Cheers Gene

  6. Shane avison says:

    Hi. I am very keen on joining your club. I live in the south waikato town of putaruru and I’m looking for a fun, good humored bunch of people to ride with. Only problem is is that I’m not quite 50 (2.5 Years to go). Do you have to 50 to join if so could I attend rides anyway and join when maturity and wrinkles come knocking. Cheers heads up keep alert and safe riding

    • G’day Shane!
      Nope, you can join as a ‘junior’ member from age 40 and we’re happy for others to ride with us until they can join. Our rides start from various places – Cambridge, Te Awamutu, Morrinsville as well as Hamilton so it’s not too far for our non-city members to ride. Keep your eyes on the rides calendar and just rock up and introduce yourself. Check out the twelve points challenge and hook into that – we’ve already had one organised ride to tick a few off, but there’s plenty of time to get them all; both with organised rides and on your own.
      Topher 8217

      • Shane avison says:

        Cheers for the reply Topher. Being a dairy farm manager and the start of calving here from now untill round November I will have limited time for riding but will do my utmost to attend rides when I can.

  7. Good as gold Shane, Look forward to meeting you.

  8. ian wasley says:

    i am thinking of rejoining your club after many years without a bike i have bought another one to enjoy in my semi retirement and would like riding with people my age 67years i will get to some of your sunday rides and see how things go from there thanks heaps

  9. Patrick Dudley says:

    Ive lived in around Hamilton for a year and Ive never seen the bar with my name on it !. I need to visit with my Ducati for a beer !

    • Hi Patrick. Our next branch meeting is Tuesday 9th April at 7.30PM at the Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club, Collingwood Street. Some members arrive for a meal which is available 6.00PM onwards. Regards David Samuel 07 871 5889

  10. Bobby Edwards says:

    Thinking about coming along if it on this Monday just not to sure if it is on being a public holiday thanks Bobby

  11. Shane avison says:

    Hello. Would your first club meeting be on the 4th of 2019. If so may I come along to see about joining. I’m 51 years grey and usually like to keep to myself but i think it’s about time i started mingle with other fun loving motorcycle enthusiasts.

  12. Shane avison says:

    That’s the 4th of Feb 2019

  13. Shane avison says:

    Hi guys. I see you guys are hosting this years ride of respect. Trying to find information like meeting place and our to register. After months of rebuilding I finally got my bike going so would be bloody good to join yous

  14. Hi Shane,
    Some of us will be riding the ride of respect but it’s organised by Tribal Nations. Info on their facepage here: https://www.facebook.com/events/ngaruawahia/…ride-of-respect/147832442553238/

    • Shane avison says:

      Thanks for this info. They’re a good bunch of buggers to ride with as well. I went on last years ride with them. Looking forward to maybe bumping into you guys as well

  15. https://www.facebook.com/events/ngaruawahia/…ride-of-respect/147832442553238/
    works, the one above is broken in half.

  16. And the website broke that one. Somehow copy and paste the whole thing then delete the three …s Good luck, Topher

  17. Warrick Sargisson says:

    I am interested in rejoining the Ulysses Club. My previous membership expired on 31/12/2010, Member number 03931. I am 68 ride a Harley and a Kawasaki KLR650 and looking for an alternative to the HOG Chapter.

  18. Club meeting tonight at the Commerce Club,7:30 pm. Come along and introduce yourself!

  19. Pete van says:

    Hi, I’m interested in joining, of course everything is on hold I guess for now, but I’m greying gracefully and would like to ride out with and meet now people in bike scene. I have rode a couple of times in the past with ya including a great fund raising day many years ago for a colleague in need. Got to see my old Honda in great use that day by its new owner, which was great.

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